Muniswarar Temple, Jalan Baru, Prai Family Day Nillaikalakki Demo

On 9th of July 2019, the Trustees and Management Council of Sri Muniswarar Temple organised Sri Muniswarar Temple Family Day Run and Carnival 2019 which focused on the public engagement with the Temple’s Committee members. Datuk T Narenasagaran, CPO of Penang was on hand to honour this wonderful event. The Nillaikalakki Silambam Association has been conducting Nillaikalakki Training at two different venues (Balai Rakyat Taman Tun Sardon and Sri Muniswarar Temple) for a really long time. We were invited to demonstrate the Nillaikalakki Silambam as we were apart of the temple’s cultural department. 2 masters and 8 students from our association participated in the demonstration.

It was an amazing opportunity for us to see the ability of some new Nillaikalakki students playing the ancient art. They were also given a chance to prove themselves that they are technically clear and brave enough to perform in front of the crowd. Even if the event was conducted by the temple’s committee members, we believe that we shined throughout the event and tucked a prideful moment in front of everyone.